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Are you new to the Netherlands and seeking general information about dental care? Search no longer. Learn more about the costs and quality of dental care in the Netherlands, whether or not you need to have dental insurance and where to find the best dental care in Amsterdam.

Dental Care for Expats

How do you find a good dentist in The Netherlands? And what is the quality of care like in the Netherlands? And will they cater for expats?


The costs of dental care in the Netherlands

The NZa keep a strict eye on dental care practice in The Netherlands. Find out what dental care in the Netherlands actually costs.

How to get dental insurance in the Netherlands?

Looking to find health insurance that covers dental? You can search and compare dental practices throughout Amsterdam in a few easy steps.

Where can I get the best dental care in Amsterdam?

Define who will need the dental care and what your whishes are concerning service and hours. There are lots of dentists in Amsterdam, but whom to choose?

Can I get dental care without insurance? And how much will it cost me?

Dental care for children up to 18 and dental surgery for adults are covered in all basic insurance policies. But what if you don’t have insurance at all?

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