Dental care for expats

So, you´re all settled in to your new home in Amsterdam, and now you just have to sort out those practical day to day things, like finding a good dentist. But, how does dental care work in The Netherlands? Is it good quality? And what kind of insurance do you need? Here´s a few things to consider as you start out on your search.

Expect excellence

Dental care in The Netherlands is outstanding; it is commonly acknowledged that Holland has some of the best dental care in the world. Practices vary in size or the quality of customer service but there are a few things that should reassure you, no matter what dental practice you choose. All dentists have to be professionally qualified to work in The Netherlands, and the government has strong oversight on the industry, the NZa (Nederlands Zorgautoriteit) are charged with that.

The NZa also maintain tight regulation of pricing, so no matter where you go standard procedures that are necessary for your good dental health, will cost the same amount. Most Dutch people go to the dentist at least once or twice a year and a bright, healthy smile is the norm here.

Covering the cost

Dentistry in The Netherlands is privately run, almost exclusively. Your basic insurance policy will always cover dental care for children up to 18 years old; but everything else falls under the supplementary policies and you may well have to pay extra for that. It doesn´t have to be a great deal more expensive however and in the long run is certainly worth it. Ask your health insurer about the specific details of their dentistry cover. Or if you have a friendly Dutch speaker to hand, have a look on to compare both insurance and dentists.

Don’t wait too long

Finding a dentist can be hard, especially as an expat where there may be language barriers. Small practices, especially those outside of the major cities, can manage only a limited number of patients and therefore may not be willing to take you on. It´s vital then to find a dentist in good time, don’t wait until you have toothache and incur additional costs for emergency treatment.

Expat care

In Amsterdam you can walk into any reputable dentist and they will almost certainly speak good English, of course it´s still not a given. So you could aim for a practice where they specialise in providing dental care for expats.

Tandarts Jordaan, on the Westerstraat is a good example; they not only speak excellent English but provide all their written communications in English too. Or Tandarts Praktijk Batavia in the East of the city, who offer personal care and are also multilingual.