Where can I get the best dental care in Amsterdam?

Well that depends on how you define ‘best’. Do you need dental care for all the family? Or are you working long hours as a solo Expat and need to be able to visit the dentist in the evening? There are lots of options in Amsterdam. Here’s a few things to think about as you look for the best dentist for you.

Family practice

It’s normal for any business to adapt to the needs of their core clientele. If you’re living in a residential area or somewhere with an above average number of families, then you can expect to find dentists who specialise in dealing with children or providing adaptive care for the whole family. Have a look on Independer to compare the dentists in your neighbourhood. Or check Zorgwijzer for more information in English.

Longer opening hours

Alternatively, you may find bigger practices in the centre of town are able to offer longer opening hours because they have more dentists in the practice who work in shifts. They may have more capacity for new patients and cater more explicitly for busy individuals. TP Batavia for instance, are regularly open in the evenings.

English and Multilingual practice

With more than 54,000 expats now living in and around Amsterdam, some practices have made a speciality of catering for non-native clients. Yes, the Dutch generally speak excellent English but that doesn’t always help you if all their correspondence is written in formal ‘Nederlands’. Ask before you sign up if they are able to provide English (or even French, German, Arabic or Spanish) assistance. Tandarts Jordaan are a good example of an internationally focused practice for instance.

In-house hygienist

If your chosen practice doesn´t have an in-house dental hygienist then you may want to look for an independent hygienist practice in the vicinity. Preventative care is a cornerstone of Dutch dental practice and one of the main reasons people here generally have really healthy teeth.
If you’re trying to manage without a hygienist, to save money perhaps, then you can ask your dentist for advice on how best to care for your teeth and check out a site like www.tandarts.nl who’s online shop provides a wide range of equipment for managing your dental care – up to 50 different types of toothpaste! And they also give additional advice on how best to care for your teeth on a daily basis.